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Tissue regeneration may be easier with new blood vessel method

Written by Catharine Paddock PHD A barrier to successful transplantation of lab-grown organs and tissue is the inability to generate a viable network of blood vessels that integrates the new tissue into the patient. Now, a new way of growing blood vessels that uses patient-derived 3-D scaffolds – as opposed to artificial ones – could meet this need and deliver …

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Bacterial resistance to last-resort’ antibiotic reaches the U.S.

Written by Honor Whiteman The threat of a “post-antibiotic era” has moved closer to reality, after the first case of resistance to the “last-resort” antibiotic colistin has been identified in the United States. Researchers identified the colistin-resistant gene mcr-1 in a woman with a urinary tract infection.Antibiotic resistance, or antimicrobial resistance, occurs when microorganisms develop the ability to escape the …

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Urine Test Better at Detecting Zika Virus Infection: CDC

Health Day News articles May 2016 In what could signal a significant advance in the fight against Zika virus, U.S. health officials reported that urine tests seem far more effective at detecting the infection than a traditional blood test. If subsequent trials come to the same conclusion, the urine test could make it much easier to test for the mosquito-borne illness, …

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